First and foremost, we’d like to thank our editor, Shelley A. Leedahl, whose relentless “Work harder!”, “Remember whose pov you’re in!” and “ha! ha!” in the margins not only pushed us to go beyond our own expectations but taught us a hell of a lot about narration.

Special thanks to our Beta reader, Jenny Robson, for foregoing sleep on our behalf.

Cover photo – Harvest Full Moon Rise: Copyright David Haworth

Anthony Jones Nestoras for his continued hard work on making this book project look awesome!

Emmanouil Vamvas at MV CPA Inc., who not only counts our cents, but takes the time to give us his two.

A very special thanks to Victor Malarek for supporting two people he doesn’t even know.

A heartfelt thanks to our mentor, William (Bill) Mastrosimone. We called him almost twenty years ago to thank him for writing such a beautiful play (The Woolgatherer). We asked him if he had another two-hander we could tour. He said, “No. Why don’t you write one yourselves?” He’s been supporting us ever since. Thanks, Bill.

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