The Cover


2018 Cover art and design by Anthony Jones Nestoras








The Cover from February 17, 2013 TO January 11, 2018

Harvest Full Moon Rise Copyright David Haworth,

Cover design by Jenny Robson

Don’t forget to sneak a peek at the novel before you go. See above.

14 thoughts on “The Cover

  1. Good day
    All the best in this new year and with your project .
    Yes I like #1 , then #5 , the lettering is right . #4 is cool too. Looking at all it would be #5

  2. Hello Johnny and Olga,

    Number one does it for me (the darker red lettering is easier on the eye, and with more black surrounding the moon, it stands out more).

    Five would be my second choice, but I feel the image is almost too large … a little like standing too close to a painting in a gallery … one must step back to fully appreciate it.


  3. #4 because u don’t see the misspelling of
    Werewolves even though its on purpose
    The red ones seems like something I’ve seen

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