But the real monster is within…

4.0 out of 5 stars “But the real monster is within.” May 26, 2013
By Amelia Gremelspacher TOP 500 REVIEWER

While we see a. Terrified woman running from an unknown animal. We figure it is a werewolf, given the title of the book. But let’s face it, the viciousness of a group of teenagers in the next chapters is pretty unsettling too. We know that they are from troubled homes. Many of them have had parents in the war who returned changed or not at all. O’Sullivan is a teacher who seems to have reached them, and he has unbelievably undertaken to take them on a weekend survival trip.

Right away These kids have an edge of physicality. They are willing and able to carry weapons. They do not like weakness. When things fall apart in the woods, we really do not know where to turn. My single criticism is that the kids are just enough alike that the names and identities are not easily remembered. In many places this doesn’t matter at all. And of course some of these kids we really do not mind seeing afraid.

The prose of this novel holds the story well. The plot is well manipulated. I would agree many of the talk belongs in YA, but nothing is wrong with that. . The last few pages really are a surprise, and it adds quite a dimension to the book! I am a forest coward, certainly wouldn’t read it before a hike!

A HORROR Must Read!!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars A HORROR Must Read!!!!!, May 24 2013
By Sandy

WHEREWOLVES was an amazing novel that propelled me from page to page. I could not put it down. The characters were extremely well described that you felt you knew each of them personally. The descriptive horror even shocked you while reading. The visuals created in your imagination were terrifying.

Definitely not a children’s book. Best for teens and adults. A very easy read lets you get lost in the story from page 1.

Story line extremely “au Courant” for todays world. The authors write with great passion for horror. Twists and turns that lead to a fantastic ending!!!!!