Wherewolves Review: I loved it !!!!

First of all I want to say I really enjoyed this book. I have been working crazy all over the place shifts these past few weeks so my breaks and what little free time I have at home lately saw my eyes pointed and fixed upon my e-readers screen. This was a great YA read filled with teenaged angst, sexual tension, suspense, thrills, and chills a little for everybody. This book was adapted from a screen play and at times you can definitely tell that. I could almost see the stage directions in my minds eye (that could have been 4 years of loving drama class but who knows) I was engaged and invested from the first paragraph, this book has a lot of action throughout, peppered in with a touch of back story. I wasn’t all surprised about who the Wherewolves where when they appeared but I was interested in how they knew how to make the transformation happen. I won’t elaborate cause I don’t want to spoil it, for anyone who wants to pick up this read but the last few pages had me at a wtf just happened here moment, and like I said I loved it !!!! I could totally see this being a series and one that I would be happy to pick up and continue on with.

Kathy Kozak